Tuesday, January 29, 2008

... and elevators

So another idea I had started with an idea for a short story and morphed into a life-like elevator where images are projected on the walls when various buttons are pushed (maybe I just have a thing for buttons?). This may be a more feasible project for 604 as I could control the numbers of floors (again, thanks Katie!). Eventually, I would like to create the entire thing but for now perhaps construct a mock-up of the button-panel (time permitting). At the very least, the story in new media form, with an elevator interface. hmmmm.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have always been obsessed with typewriters. The idea I had initially (with regards to the one listed for 604) was to create a new media collection using an image of a typewriter as the interface/navigation menu.
After talking to Katie I realized my thinking was restricted (by my lack of technological skills) to a computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. What if, she asked, I were to wire an actual typewriter (this is a picture of mine) to a screen? Each key could trigger a different short work of images, text, video, art, some combination of these. Now that I can imagine it "out of my comfort zone" I also see a projector, a gallery. You think I've been hanging out with artists too long? Of course, I still have NO CLUE how I would pull this off. But I think I may work on the new media part of the project during the lab. I think it would be cool too if the (w)reader could type words as they clicked on the letters/numbers. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


hyperrhiz: new media cultures has a new issue available online. I think I may have posted a call for submissions for them or e-mailed it or something. But the ELO sends them out. And they take submissions of new media literature and art. Maybe a good place to send all the brilliant work we're going to make in the lab this semester (whoohooo!). There is also a link for a new journal for teachers of electronic literature if anyone (besides me) is interested.

And hey... welcome back! Does anyone else feel like we are already knee-deep in this new semester? Or diving in head-first? Or already in over our heads? That's probably just me...