Thursday, October 28, 2010

and on a completely different note...

The Curse by Josh Ritter. Yes, it's about a mummy. But the lyrics speak to me of pouring your life into your work so that the work comes to life and ends up outliving you. Is that a curse?

And the video has PUPPETS!!! The video was done by Liam Hurley and you can also view it and read more about it on NPR's all songs considered! (Thanks Karl!)

November travel

Well November is almost here. And I haven't posted since May. Seems November is going to be the month of travel. First, Jen Smith and I are attending the iDMAa 2010 conference on Digital Narrative in Vancouver, BC. I've actually never been to Vancouver but always heard how beautiful it is! And the next week I get to travel to Canada again for the amazing wedding of a dear friend! In addition to a hefty load of grading, a dissertation, and all the usual craziness of life it should be a busy but beautiful adventure!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

prospectus writing tips

Guidelines from Harvard University... these are specific to Literature but provide at least a brief description and purpose.