Saturday, November 29, 2008

flash-back or back-then flash

Writing about elevators and Bruce Nauman's Going Around the Corner Piece has me thinking about where we're going (technology-wise) and where we've been (also, admittedly, procrastinating). I stumbled upon this--my very first Flash piece EVER and also the artist statement I wrote to go with it (3 years ago!), back when I was first discovering hypertext. What's interesting is that it's very similar (though not as good) to some of the final projects my students are currently composing. The Flash work is obviously not fantastic but, for me, there's still something charming (and nostalgic) about it. What's funny, too, is that what's crammed into this little poem are bits and pieces of what's still inspiring me today.

So here's a little end-of-semester flashback to Subatomic Love Song (there are rollovers!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

friends in cool places

Thank you heather heather!

My wonderful friends heather and peter took a field trip to the
Seattle public library to snap some pictures of this elevator!
Isn't it great?